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Arthur is the best mechanic out there! - Ricky Mui - July 17, 2015
I wish he was closer to me. He is good at what he does and seems to enjoy it. Years ago, he gave me a fair price on a new transmission to be put on a 'project' car that was never been done before. Most shops would be crazy to accept a challenge like this, but he succeeded and on time too. It is still purring like a kitten today. And the best part is that he educates you on the problem instead of throwing parts at the car. Highly recommend!

Arthur is great and professional. - Crystal Barnes - July 10, 2015
He does not over charge. I needed a transmission 1 year ago on my 2001 BMW X5. He did an excellent job. I now travel all the way to his shop to get any service done and that includes the basics such as routine oil changes. I HIGHLY recommend him.

This business has integrity. - Todd D. - July 4, 2015
My experience with TransArt has been All positive They rebuilt the transmission on my 2001 Honda Odyssey Van. The Van was in perfect condition other than a Honda failed transmission (typical for this model). Work was reasonably priced and done right with a guarantee. I drove it for 2 more years and got top $ trade in value because the notorious Odyssey tranny problem was fixed. Second time at Arts my daughters car was acting like  drive train problems (loud noise). To keep it short it turned out to be rocks trapped between the motor mounts and frame. Some businesses could have and would have charged me for unnecessary work but not Trans Art. This business has integrity.

This guy knows what he is doing. I  will be taking my car here from now on. - Julie Roseman Goodnight - May 30, 2015

Couldn't be happier. -  Susana Howell  - May 16, 2015
Arturas just fixed the transmission on my VW Jetta, after I had taken it to two different mechanics who couldn't do anything. He is knows what he is doing, and he is a great guy as well as a great mechanic. Couldn't be happier.

This is hands down the best transmission shop I have ever used. - J.p. Griffin - February 26, 2015
20 years in the auto repair industry and have been using them since I was referred there 7 years ago.

By far one of the best mechanics I've ever dealt with! -  Solo67 W. - February 14, 2015
Came to Charlotte from Raleigh for a swim meet and heard my brakes grinding on our 325i BMW. Called Transart and they squeezed me in at the last minute...price was awesome, work was great and the customer service was impeccable.  Art also gave the car quick check to make sure I wasn't having any other issues...for no extra charge. By far one of the best mechanics I've ever dealt with!

I honestly do not believe there is another shop that will do better work. - Mark Boles - December , 2012
When I have a transmission rebuilt for my customers, this is where I take it. Why? Because I honestly do not believe there is another shop that will do better work. I only sell transmissions purchased from either the dealerships or Transart. Arthur has become a trusted friend. I feel blessed to have met him.

These guys are great - John D. - November 13 , 2012 I've been going to TransArt for a couple years now, and Arthur and Alex (who owns the other shop in the building, Arus Auto Service, but he and Arthur work together) are great. They'll take a look over everything and they both have a good eye for picking up on things before they go wrong. They never try to upsell you and always give you every option available and work with you to figure out which way to go.
The first time I went to Transart, I'd had a bolt for my idler pulley snap off. I went to Arthur and once he started looking, he determined that the bolt (which the dealer had replaced with the wrong type and size) had caused the water pump to break almost clean in half, in addition to some other damage the failed pulley had done, but instead of taking it apart and just replacing everything damaged, he used a couple junkyard parts, and was also able to fuse the parts of the water pump assembly back together (and I haven't had a problem with it in the four years since he did), making what could have easily been a $1500+ job on my car into a $600 job. They also really know how to work the system to make sure you get everything possible out of what you put into the car, and any time anything has gone wrong with my car, they've brought me over and shown me exactly what happened, what the cause was, and explained what they did to fix it, and to prevent it from happening again. These guys are great, and I'd wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in any need of any kind of car service  

THEY SAVED ME $400!!!!!!!!!! - Greg H. - August 26, 2012
Went here to get a 2nd opinion about possibly replacing my transmission mounts in my civic after another place recommended that I change them. They drove it around the block and then informed me everything was fine with my mounts. They really explain everything to you and show you exactly what they're talking about.
SEE THESE GUYS IF YOU HAVE ANY CAR ISSUES! This is now the place I will bring my car. They don't do unnecessary repairs.

I recommend him! - Richie G. -  June 2, 2012 (Facebook)
I stumbled upon Arthur and TransArt Transmissions about 5 years ago when my Volvos' transmission needed some work. Ever since then, I have trusted TransArt with my personal vehicles and my fleet of company trucks. The most important things about Arthur are he is an honest and dependable man! I recommend him!      

TransArt is the only place to get your car serviced!! - Darrell - May 2, 2012
Arthur is the man - he is the only one that works on my Range Rover in Charlotte. Arthur is extremely knowledgeable about all thing cars - is VERY competitive price wise, and is all together one hell of a guy. TransArt is the only place to get your car serviced!!

I'll be recommending to everyone I know in Charlotte - Glove - Mar 17, 2012
Took my 93 Wrangler Sahara to Transart after getting a $1500 quote from Cottman on sugar creek. They immediately did my inspection and even told me how to properly measure the fluid level. Well the transmission was 2 quarts low on fluid so they filled it up to the proper level and sent me on a test drive. Drove around and that solved the slipping problem. I returned to the shop where I tried paying for the fluid and I was told, "don't worry about it". Are you kidding me?! If only more businesses took cues from Transart especially in the automotive world where so many people get ripped off. I'll be recommending to everyone I know in Charlotte. I cant believe I was about to get raped for 1500 bucks at Cottman and these guys don't even want to charge me for the 2 quarts of fluid.

Here is another rave from a satisfied customer - Elizabeth ‎ - Dec 8, 2011
I took my daughter's VW Beetle to a dealer because the car was jerking when braking and we suspected a transmission problem. The mechanic there confirmed the problem, said it absolutely could not be fixed, the car needed a new transmission. I called around for prices and luckily one of the first places I called was TransArt. You can probably guess the rest: Arthur saved us thousands of dollars by replacing some parts in the transmission instead of just installing a new one. He was trustworthy, courteous and did the job quickly. My daughter is thrilled with her car again. I will never go anywhere else. Arthur, you have a customer for life. And I will be bringing the Mercedes soon.

 '99 Maxima hits 400000 miles with TransArt - Nelson ‎ - Nov 4, 2011
Not only is TransArt a superior and trustworthy repair service, they are your best source of automobile advisers in Charlotte. Friendly, courteous, and they fix transmissions and other issues right the first time. TransArt recently diagnosed and fixed a broken fuel pump to keep me up and running strong. Plus, the tow truck driver commented he had never taken a car back to TransArt twice! Now that's an endorsement. So find TransArt the next time you need any car repaired. You will be happy you did. Fair and reasonable labor rates, plus the peace of mind knowing it is fixed right by professionals that truly value a customer.         If you want your car fixed right the first time, please call Arthur! - Juan - August 7, 2011
After going to both Volvo dealerships in Charlotte, I was referred to TransArt for a diagnosis on the problems encountered with my S60. One dealer advised that the transmission needed replaced and would be roughly $4k; while the other stated that the valve body needed to be replaced for roughly $2k. After visiting TransArt, I was advised that the transmission did need to be replaced but I only paid a fraction of the cost and also had numerous other replacements done at a discounted price. The car now runs excellent! If you want your car fixed right the first time, please call Arthur!  Head to TransArt - Tim ‎ - Jul 20, 2011
*DING* Transmission dashboard light comes on.
If you've had this happen to you then you know the immediate sinking feeling that accompanies it. The number start rushing through your head: $2,000....$3, much is this going to cost me? Is the transmission really blown, can it be fixed, can I get a used one or something? Were do I go for this, and who isn't going to gouge me?
Put your mind at rest and head to TransArt, the friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff will get you back on the road, leaving enough money in your checking account to still pay for gas. When I brought in my 2007 Mazda3 (after 115,000 miles in 4 years) they went over options from rebuilds to replacing with a used transmission. Along the way they caught bad wheel bearings (I've had them go bad on another car and recognized the noise) and gave me a great rate on a brake job, which I was about 30,000 miles overdue for. So not only did they take care of my transmission (for $2,000 less then the dealership quoted) they made sure my car was going to be safe for thousands of mile to come.
Also, they do standard maintenance and minor repairs, so if you think you may have something going on with your vehicle they can help you catch it early before those dreaded dashboard "idiot lights" start dinging away at you. Check out TransArt, good people and good prices!

I would not consider going anywhere else - John W - March 19, 2011
If you are serious about taking care of your car and serious about saving money, then you need to visit Transart for serious car repairs. They have saved me several thousand dollars over dealer prices and they actually care about their customers. I would not consider going anywhere else. Thanks, John W., Charlotte 1999 Volvo V70.

The Only Place for Transmission Services!‎‎ - Lisa - October 23, 2010
TransART does not advertise, is a small business that gets business through word of mouth however, they are definitely THE BEST! Found the place right here on google and needed to get our white Honda Odyssey's transmission rebuilt. Of the few places that we went to get quotes on ... while the other places advised us "Our cost is $1900-$2100 however, when we open your transmission, there might be other parts that need to be repaired so it could cost you between $200-$400 more whether you need parts or not." There were a few places that even claimed they worked with Carmax and of the sort however, after calling Arthur and speaking to him at TransArt just over the phone ... we decided that this would be the place. He gave us a flat fee ... none of the "depends on the parts and cost and what we find out." Arthur was and has been honest the entire time. For foreign import cars, he uses authentic foreign parts of which are best of the best! He definitely saved us money! His honesty won my husband and I over! For parts that he advised us that needed to be replaced however was included in our cost, he even went over with my husband exactly what he did, SHOWED us the BAD part (who does that nowadays ever?) and explained to us how the parts worked together to get the engine working. There was a 36 month/ 36K automatic warranty of which you cannot beat for FREE while other places are 24month/ 24K and you have to pay additional monies for any additional years ie ... if you want to upgrade to 36month/36K. Art is the most honest, HARDWORKING transmission mechanic anywhere! Happy customers is his highest priority! He LOVES working on cars, LOVES fixing, LOVES happy customers and LOVES his business along with his employee. We would not recommend anyone else! It is such a pleasure to even be able to write this review because we could not be happier! You will regret ANY other transmission shop ... but you will NEVER regret TransART! Don't go anywhere else!

Will definitely recommend! – Monica J. - October 13, 2010
TransArt provided great customer service checked out my vehicle as soon as I arrived and made me feel comfortable about their work! Will definitely recommend!

BEST AUTO CARE IN THE CITY!!!!!! ‎‎ - crowkiller5 - October 8, 2010
Not being originally from Charlotte, I had to find an honest and dependable shop in a hurry when my transmission failed. After many ridiculous quotes and horrible customer service I found TransART Transmissions. They are not just a transmission shop, they are experts in everything automotive. Arthur and his staff are the absolute most genuine people who strive on QUALITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Arthur treats you with utmost respect- and his knowledge, honesty and concern for your vehicle is unheard of in today's auto care industry. He saved our family hundreds of dollars and provided us with the BEST QUALITY parts and labor. Give him a call or stop by and you'll see what I mean. Arthur has my business for good.

The best customer service EVER! - Amy B. - March 1, 2010
The best customer service EVER! They care about the customer more than any other garage, shop or mechanic I have ever been to. Being a single gal, it's hard to trust people these days. With these guys, you know what you are getting. I am 100% sure I am not being taken advantage of.

Luckily, I called him first! - Tj Janniere - February 24, 2010
I've had Arthur take care of my KIA Optima. Without him, I would have spent $1,500 replacing the transmission. Luckily, I called him first! This guy gave me a preliminary evaluation over the phone, offered a free inspection of my car to confirm at no charge. Found he was RIGHT and saved me over $1000 ! OH, by the way . . . It was only a defective ....well let Arthur tell you my story. Tell him Tj sent you.

Wish I would have met them sooner - A.B.- February 17, 2010
TransArt was recommended to me last year by a local oil change shop after my car lost a gear. I am very thankful for that recommendation and wish I would have met them sooner. Since that time, I have had several repairs done to my 2002 vehicle and will continue to return to get my car in the best shape it can be in at 105,000 miles. I am very confident that the mechanics at TransArt are the best and really value their customers.

Good recommendation - LB - January 12, 2010
I was recommended to this shop by a friend of mine. Very satisfied - had quick and reliable service with a satisfying explanation of the work done on my car as well as future maintenance recommendations. Have been to the shop more than once and I would always recommend it to a friend. Thank You.

Well Done!‎ - daniel‎ - June 15, 2009
I was a bit unsure going to an independent garage, not knowing what to expect. It turned out, they were a pleasure to work with! The customer service kept me informed and updated every step of the way. They were very thorough when it came to making sure everything was done, and done right.

100% Customer Satisfaction ‎ - giggles4u1971‎ - June 12, 2009
As a customer of TransArt, I highly recommend them for anyone that needs to have their transmission repaired. They were truly wonderful with my vehicle repairs and just a great group of guys to have contact with. I honestly can say that I received 100% customer satisfaction from TransArt and will be using their services for all of my future needs along with recommending them to all of my friends, family and co-workers.

Extremely satisfied customer‎ - R‎ - June 1, 2009
I was presently surprised with the courtesy and pleasant attitude that was extended to me at TransArt. The people at TransArt demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and dependability.