EVAP Leak Detection - Diagnostic Smoke Technology

Evaporative Emissions System Overview

The vehicle’s Fuel Vapor Recovery System is the most neglected part of the vehicle’s emission system, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The vehicle’s EVAP system is used to collect fuel vapors from the fuel tank. These vapors are stored in a canister filled with activated charcoal. The EVAP system allows the fuel vapors to be drawn from the canister and combust during certain operating conditions. This process is called canister purging, since the fuel vapors are purged from the canister.
A faulty EVAP system will allow hydrocarbons (HC) to escape into the atmosphere. Factory emission tests have determined that an EVAP system with a leak as small as .020” can yield an average of 1.35 grams of HC per vehicle driven mile. This is over 30-times the current allowable exhaust emissions standard. In addition to causing HC emissions, failure of this system wastes fuel and many times creates customer complaints of “gasoline odors”. With the introduction of this technology, the automotive industry has been capable of determining that a vehicle’s evaporative system has a leak. Prior to the technology available in this Tester, determining the source of the leak had been a difficult and time consuming challenge. 

What other leaks can the Blue-Point EELD100 find besides EVAP leaks? 

 The tester can be used to detect leaks in most low pressure systems with air travels. Such as throttle body and carburetor leaks, injector seals, power brake booster leaks, inter cooler & turbo charger leaks, EGR valve leaks & EGR system restriction, under dash leaks, vacuum door lock systems, pre-assembly testing of components (such as Cooling Systems, Engine Gaskets, Diaphragms, Many Oil Seals & Gaskets) and many others. You can also detect door, window & sunroof’s wind and water leaks. 

 Why “OEM EVAP-Approved” Diagnostic Smoke Technology? 

  • The only smoke technology meeting ALL OEM test requirements for all makes and models 
  • A universally-accepted EVAP leak detection standard developed in collaboration with Ford Motor Co., G.M., & Daimler Chrysler (Big-3 U.S. automakers) for EVAP testing. 
  • The only smoke solution approved by the Big-3 U.S. automakers to be safe to use without harming activated charcoal canister or other EVAP components and maintain OEM factory warranty. 
  • Patented UltraTraceUV is the only dye solution that is OEM-approved.